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Better selfies through Fringing


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Back in the media room in the ATB Financial Arts Barns at the Fringe, a small conference table littered with laptops and granola bar wrappers, the clacking of computer keys and theatre-reviewer adrenaline filling the room, Colin MacLean cracked, “I love the first few days of the Fringe, before the reviews have come out and everybody is your friend.”

MacLean was joking, of course, but he pointed out something that deserves a second mention: making friends at the Fringe. The Fringe is a place where people come with open minds (and even hearts), and better selves can prevail.

On the Fringe grounds, spontaneous, zany and creative things take place everywhere, every moment pregnant with possibility, and we have no choice but to play along. And that is a good, healthy thing.

Prior to opening night I passed a small horde of zombies gathered around a pickup truck – the Famished cast preparing for parade time. We enjoyed a… witty exchange.

The #yegfamished cast, looking not so friendly?

The #yegfamished cast, looking not so friendly?

Chatting with a tall, toothbrush-wielding character was Kurt Fitzpatrick (Best Picture) in formal attire. I guess  good grooming and fresh breath helps in making friends too.

Kurt Fitzpatrick

Perhaps the best-dressed man at Fringe opening night…

That instant friendship that occurs at the Fringe is another of Edmonton’s qualities, like its pioneering spirit, that makes events like the Fringe what they are. In that spirit and the spirit of Make Something Edmonton, it’s time to make friends, Edmonton.

That old pioneering spirit, with a smile.

That old pioneering spirit, with a smile.

So go out, see a play and be good to each other. Smile. Laugh. Good things will come of it.

At the very least, better selfies – and that may have you smiling all over again, if you enter yours in the Fringe’s selfie contest!