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Aim for the Heart



I really wanted to like this one. Randy Rutherford is a critically-acclaimed storyteller and musician, overcoming adversity to create and entertain. He switches effortlessly between telling and acting out his story and uses classic songs as part of the narrative to emotionally involve his viewer. He’s not afraid to show us his vulnerability, or to share the intimate details of his memory. But at 75 minutes, this story about a bittersweet (with emphasis on the bitter) romance wears a bit long. His music is limited to short snippets; it would be nice to hear a few full songs. As vivid as his storytelling is, this one feels a little too intimate sometimes, for someone you’ve just met. I felt for Randy’s emotional highs and lows, and appreciated that he shared such a personal story, but in this case, a little less would have been more. -Erin Wallace


Gig City


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  • 5:45 pm - 2018/08/17
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  • 6:00 pm - 2018/08/22
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