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Let's combine two overdone tropes: An Alice in Wonderland adaption and a baby boomer’s obsessive narrative about how technology is ultimately destroying human experience. That’s Alice @ Wonderland. It starts with Alice standing and talking animatedly on her cell phone, while the Cheshire Cat looms behind her and muses, “maybe you should enjoy the world around you,” like literally every old person who sees technology as a threat to all human interaction. Alice is exceptionally clever and drops knowledge she finds online. But, instead of commemorating her for her knowledge, she’s made fun of for using the Internet and a Smartphone. The cast were children from Dramatic Learning and there were some exceptional performances. Alice was rambunctious and snappy; the caterpillar was graceful and sassy; and the Cheshire Cat, despite sometimes taking on the tired role of technology-phobic baby boomer, is graceful and cynical. Despite the overdone tropes, the costumes are vibrant and fun, and some of the songs are clever and catchy. It’s the perfect play to bring children of all ages. Reviewed by Michelle Guthrie.


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    Heather Chandler

    Personally, I thought the musical was quite funny, and the songs were catchy. All of the kids in the musical played their part well, from the newsies to Alice herself! I tip my hat to the young girl who portrayed Alice. It is a big part, and she delivered it well. And a note: just because technology wasn’t around in the Baby Boomer era, doesn’t mean it isn’t a valid and real part of society today.


    I don’t think this reviewer really understood the point of the play? To me it wasn’t about making fun of technology at all, just generally opening your mind to more than you are used to or already know. I personally am tired of Alice in Wonderland stories and i still thoroughly enjoyed this play! It’s funny and bright and the kids in it are exceptionally talented. I’m going again & bringing more of my friends!


    I agree with Sarah, above, the play was not so much about technology, but more about a child’s imagination. I thought it was very well done, humerus and the music was very catchy. My family very much enjoyed. This play has some very talented young performances that I am sure we will be seeing more of.

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