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Gerard Harris starts his monologue by confessing he has ADHD and must talk very quickly in order to get all the words in. But, he says, he’s forgotten the script. Sipping on a beer, he embarks, reeling-ly, on the wild and unexpected story of how he found out he was “banned in the USA.” A handbill begged reviewers not to be too specific in revealing the details of international intrigue. Suffice that Harris is a British ex-pat and for all British, he says, the world is only always awaiting the entrance of James Bond. Harris is no Bond, but he gets himself into trouble in many foreign locales. In Ireland, he’s hooked into being the actor in a hotel murder mystery—the groundskeeper who drops dead an hour in. And there are ladies involved. In New Zealand, he dates a fiasco of a woman, a Seventh-Day-Adventist geophysicist. The venue is lousy for sound, and the shoutiness is sometimes a bit much. Nonetheless, the rambling exploits, centred around a thwarted, high-pressure, trip through the USA, tie together. The opening audience seemed thoroughly entertained. Reviewed by Jay Smith.


Gig City


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