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An uninspired tale of a woman’s physical struggles. This adult show was a true disappointment and also, kind of gross. Tamlynn Bryson’s account of her struggles with urinating in the bed until age 14 was both uncomfortable and not funny. From the beginning while pretending that her bladder was a character, you could tell that the audience was both confused and even slightly appalled. The fact that she uses audio clips from popular television shows displayed some laziness on her part. The set was also non-existent, just a simple bed that should have played a bigger part in the production in my eyes. In reality, the only real sensation I got after watching this production was wanting to get out of the theatre in disgust and urinate. - Pierre Royal


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  • 12:15 pm - 2018/08/17
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  • 8:00 pm - 2018/08/21
  • 4:30 pm - 2018/08/22
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    Nancy K

    I honestly don’t understand what show this “reviewer” was watching. I’ve seen the show. Tamlynn is a delightful performer who tackles an often unspoken issue with charm and good humour. The ‘bladder’ character was very easy to understand, and the use of TV & pop culture added a level of relatability to the piece. Honestly, the level of vitriol in this review is uncalled for. Methinks this “writer” should perhaps take some time for self-reflection to see why such a lovely show triggered in him such incognizant disgust.

    Mike Delamont

    I saw this show at the London Fringe last year and was so excited to see that it was coming to Edmonton. Bedwetter is a show I was nervous to see. I was worried that since I didn’t have an issue with it in my life that I might not connect with it, but I was worried for nothing! The show is funny, sweet, heartbreaking, and a delightful way to spend an hour. You connect with the performer right away and it is a wonderful fringe show to take a chance on. You won’t be disappointed.

    Deb C.

    I don’t know what this guy is talking about! I saw a preview of Bedwetter in Toronto in May 2017 and thought it was hilarious and touching. Very brave of Tamlynn Bryson to expose what can be considered an embarrassing affliction, and do so in a creative, funny and insightful way. She and director Kyle Kimmerly have written a winner, which garnered several awards and FIVE-STAR ratings elsewhere. This guy is out to lunch. Someone left the room about 10 minutes in…..perhaps he should have stuck around for another minute or 10. It sounds like he was in a bad mood to start with. Maybe he couldn’t stick around because he was “hangry”. Unfair review. Go see for yourself.


    Hilarious and moving. Struggles of growing up and realizing that things do get better. Loved the cuts to movies, shows and Brittney Spears music.

    Marek Holis

    I understand the discomfort the writer of this review has over someone presenting a story about pee; I have the same problem reading his review because it’s completely full of shit.

    This is a funny, intelligent, touching and well performed show. She has great comedic skills and the pace never lulled. I saw it last night with about 50-something people – couples, kids, seniors, fringe performers and randoms – and we all thoroughly enjoyed it.


    I loved it this show!! I thought it was incredibly brave, heartfelt, and funny! Tamlynn is an incredible actor! Her honesty and vulnerability keeps you engaged the whole show!

    Cory Thibert

    The entire show is about how society and ignorant people around her were telling her that she should feel disgusting and shameful for something her body was involuntary doing, the show is also about loving your body despite what others think or say. The fact that you’re saying the show is disgusting comes from this very same ignorance.
    The show is funny, charming and she got me to empathize and understand a problem I’ve never dealt with myself.
    Also why are you upset that a show called bedwetter is about someone wetting the bed?


    I saw this show in Toronto and I think maybe, just maybe, this reviewer missed THE ENTIRE POINT OF THE SHOW. It’s funny and heartfelt and it examines how shame is so formative in a young girl’s life. But shame is all over this review. It’s not gross to wet the bed – it’s normal. And it’s not gross to write a show about it – it’s brave and original. I could not recommend this show enough.


    This was an impressive, enjoyable show. I recommend it.
    It takes a lot of skill to write a show about wetting the bed until you’re 14 and have it be not at all awkward! It was funny, charming, and very engaging.
    Overall it was light and fun, but I expect I’ll be thinking about it for a while.
    I have a low tolerance for cringe and body humour, so I was relieved that the show was low on both.
    (The reviewer doesn’t seem to have given it a chance at all, which is very disappointing. There’s differences in taste, and there’s willful cruelty. This review was the latter. I expect better from Vue).

    Heather Waldie

    An inspiring tale of a woman’s physical struggles! A delight to watch: humorous, honest, informative, creative! Best of all, I loved the feeling of empathy I had for the performer as she triumphed over a difficult period in her life. She certainly taught us about courage, self-acceptance and the choice that we all have to be kind and accepting towards others or not!

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