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Some 15 years after their college heydey, Eric Jaffe tracked down 65 of his fraternity brothers to see where their post-secondary educations had taken them. The result, C-, consists of Jaffe’s reflections on these interviews and vignettes in which Jaffe takes on the role of a handful of these characters. Hard-drinking youths have become, mostly, dissatisfied middle-aged men. Some of his critiques—such as the inability of career counsellors to realize that ‘sales’ is where money is, and that success in life, really, has little to do with school smarts—resonate. The culture of hard-partying endorsed by fraternity is beyond reproach, however. As is the totally unspoken misogyny these boy’s clubs entail—the only half-sketched female character in the whole play wrecks her husband’s career by being too dumb to pass the aptitude test to become a minister’s wife. (There is such a thing?) Another thwarts her partner’s plans to be ‘the old guy in the party that everyone wonders, who is that guy?’ by “getting pregnant” and thus forcing him to get a job. It’s an earnest, if oddly myopic, portrayal of male discontent in the twenty-first century workforce. Reviewed by Jay Smith.


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