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Eddie Poe



Inspired by the life and works of Edgar Allan Poe, Eddie Poe is the second of a three-part series created and performed by The Coldharts, a group comp Nick Ryan and Katie Hartman. This installment finds a teenage Edgar Allan leaving his first love and secret fiancée, Elmira, to pursue his education at the University of Virginia. But he’s not alone. This minimalist musical makes a big impact. Creative lighting and moody music (including the ridiculously catchy Diddling song) help to show the Jekyll-Hyde relationship between the Edgars. Nick Ryan plays the adorably naïve intellectual Edgar like a 19th century Sheldon Cooper, but it’s Katie Hartman’s portrayal of, well, everyone else that makes this show so captivating. From the creepy Other Edgar (or is it Eddie Poe?), to the sweet Elmira, to the cartoonish Glendinning, Hartman leaps from character to character flawlessly. Who knew Edgar Allan Poe could be so much fun? -Erin Wallace


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Dates / Times:
  • 9:45 pm - 2018/08/16
  • 1:45 pm - 2018/08/17
  • 1:45 pm - 2018/08/18
  • 5:15 pm - 2018/08/19
  • 3:30 pm - 2018/08/20
  • 12:00 pm - 2018/08/21
  • 8:45 pm - 2018/08/23
  • 5:15 pm - 2018/08/24
  • 12:00 pm - 2018/08/25

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    Eddie Poe is an incredible show that compliments Edgar Allen and the well known style of The Coldharts. I’ve seen Edgar Allen but if you missed it you will still be able to enjoy Eddie Poe without feeling like you are missing anything. Nick and Katie have not to be missed stage presence, a beautiful script, and use every inch of space on the stage to create incredible stage pictures. It’s haunting, it’s funny, it shouldn’t be missed.

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