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Hanging Out



Oliver de la Harpe has a penned a comic that is a touching, and extremely profound meditation on suicide and the impact it leaves on your loved ones. For such a young troupe of actors, Hanging Out navigates some extremely tough and thought provoking territory, in which the captivating onstage chemistry of the cast really shines through. If anyone has experienced tragedy and dealt with the loss of a loved one or the passing of a friend, Hanging Out helps illuminate a lighter side to such difficult subject matter that is often stigmatized and judged. Harpe’s writing is tremendously funny and sincere. I’ve seen few plays that shook the audience with as much honest laughter while simultaneously traversing topics as intimate and deep. Hanging Out provides an outlet that not only helps with the healing process but allows the audience to open themselves up to the struggles of others, providing an excellent conversational piece and a medium for those perhaps in need of support. Reviewed by Levi Gogerla.


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  • 4:45 pm - 2017/08/18
  • 7:15 pm - 2017/08/19
  • 2:15 pm - 2017/08/20
  • 10:30 pm - 2017/08/23
  • 5:15 pm - 2017/08/24
  • 6:30 pm - 2017/08/25
  • 5:45 pm - 2017/08/26
  • 1:45 pm - 2017/08/27

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5 Reviews


    If you only see one show this year go see Hanging Out, it’s an emotional rollercoaster with laughter and tears. Two thumbs up.


    A thoughtful portrayal of a difficult subject. As with most of life’s uncomfortable experiences, there is humour to be found – even in the seriousness of suicide. The Playwright has managed to bring some lightness into the dark. A great effort by all members of the cast and crew. Definitely worth a visit.


    This show was brilliantly written; it brought a lightness to a strong subject, and a horrible tragedy that affects all involved. I smiled and laughed at the appropriate places, and felt sad in all the right times. Bravo.


    If you have the opportunity to “hang out” with the people involved behind this authentic dark comedy you won’t regret your use of time. Going into a comedy about suicide you expect a lot of things but one thing you don’t expect is complete confusion. The good kind too. Confused whether to laugh or cry. Confused if people are laughing or crying. Most of all confused as to how such an absurd play can touch meaningfully on a topic that needs to be on every fringe poster. Stupendous first play by the ever talented De La Harpe.


    Wish some of the actors were a bit better with some of the emotional transitions, but overall the script written by De La Harpe is more than enough of a reason to see this play

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