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I Had Sex Until My Heart Stopped



Cameron Macleod’s comedy routine in I Had Sex Until My Heart Stopped gets dark, but never unfunny. Based on events he recounts from his past, Macleod darts around his life story, regaling tales of the numerous drugs he’s consumed—that includes those of the party variety and those of the life-saving hospital visit flavour, as well. The stories he turns into comedy bits from those episodes feel genuine and mellow. He talks of scaling South Asian cliffs, cartwheeling down stairs while high, and strokes of sexual ingenuity in his battle against a Tachycardia condition—but his routine won’t make your heart race. Instead, you should look forward to presentation that feels more like a coffee shop chat with a best friend rather than a constant stream of setups and punchlines. As a result, there isn’t a spectacular sense of closure from Macleod’s story—he’s still writing it, after all—but you’ll leave with the pleasant feeling that only comes from getting to know another person from across the divide of a proscenium stage. And that’s certainly one of the things that the fringe is all about. Reviewed by Kevin Pennyfeather.


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