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kid. is aptly titled threefold. This is a brief snapshot of life created by kids, about kids, discussing the very real consequences of having kids. Very rarely do teens seem to be given a voice when it comes to their reproductive rights and options. Moreover, we often forget that despite the fact that they have the chance to expand their sexual horizons, they are still essentially Kids. kid. doesn't try to be anything bigger than it needs to be. A stark moment in an abortion clinic waiting room, and the anxious conversation hundreds of girls must have had in preparation for an abortion. The sketch is so on point in recreating the bleak reality of the situation, it feels almost uncomfortably voyeuristic, having an audience eavesdropping on this extremely personal discussion. But, in giving the abortion discussion an audience, these girls offer an important point: we should be more open in our discussion of abortion, and the more open we are, the more people might understand it's necessary for vagina-owners to have the option. It may be the only option to them. Reviewed by Sophie Pinkoski.


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