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5-Step Guide to Being German 2.0



In the new version of his stand-up show, comedian Paco Erhard throws out the 5-step structure (but forgets to change the name). He claims he altered the show after the U.S. announced a ban on Muslim immigrants, but given that he makes several flippant jokes about Hitler and the Holocaust, the show leaves a sour taste with the recent resurgence of nationalism and Nazism. Erhard’s comedy mostly pokes fun at national identities, relying heavily on clichés. His show would have done better by stating its thesis earlier—that our cultures and identities are built from the stereotypes we embrace—as it succeeds mostly with an audience that takes comfort in its and Erhard’s moral superiority. With an energetic and self-deprecating humour, Erhard will still make you laugh if you don’t pull too hard at the thin fabric of borders and national identities we enforce to separate ourselves. –Matthew Stepanic


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