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The idea behind "Miscast" is that sometimes an actor wants to play a role that doesn’t match up to their physical appearance. Maybe they’re too tall or short, the wrong ethnicity, or even the wrong gender. In "Miscast," anyone can play any role. It’s an interesting concept with plenty of potential for comedy and entertainment. Unfortunately, this version felt like the cast just decided to do their favourite songs from musicals and call it a show. Each of the seven thespians had the chance to perform a song, in addition to three group numbers. Four of the songs were solos with the singer just standing centre stage, hardly moving as they performed. There was plenty of off-key singing, and the band consistently played far too loudly for the audience to make out the lyrics. Watching "Miscast" is like going to a bad talent show put on by an overambitious high school theatre class. —Scott Meeberg


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  • 10:15 pm - 2018/08/18
  • 4:30 pm - 2018/08/20
  • 2:00 pm - 2018/08/21
  • 12:00 pm - 2018/08/22
  • 6:45 pm - 2018/08/25
  • 8:00 pm - 2018/08/26

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11 Reviews

    Emily Rutledge

    Willkommen, bienvenue, welcome… to a fantastic and virtually flawless cabaret!
    What a treat this performance was; I laughed out loud and almost cried from one moment to the next. I was so engaged dancing in my seat and relating to the honest and open sharing of each performer, I didn’t want the show to end.
    Each scene was unique as it was written and delivered by the actor with their own flair and personal narrative. The songs were sung beautifully by all; however vocal stand outs for me personally were Sue Goberdahn and Geoff Ryzuk (mmmm that falsetto) in their breathtaking performances. The only flaws were some minor tech issues, such as actors being outside their spotlight at moments and the music from the live band overpowered some of the solos.
    I would recommend Miscast to any lover of musical theatre!


    Were we at two different shows? I completely disagree with this review. To each their own, however this was a group of talented performers who are a staple in our Edmonton theatre community. The show was engaging, funny, solid choreography and songs which told each actors individual stories. The monolouges were well written and delivered. The band was occasionally a little loud, but sounded amazing. What I saw on that stage tonite was real diversity, passion and talent. I think the roaring laughter, applause and a full house standing ovation was proof of that. See this show if you like a real look at what diversity is like in musical theatre and the challenges that come with it.


    I am shocked. This reviewer doesn’t know what he is talking about! There was some tech stuff sure. (See previous post) This show is fun and for artists and for people who do musical theatre. This Scott is just wrong.

    Rebecca Firlotte

    This show is a beautifully written, directed, and performed piece. I laughed, cried, and sang along to each song. I related to each performers monologue and felt myself drawn in the entire time. The musicians were phenomenal, even if they were a little loud. If you love musicals and want to do some deep thinking about stereotypes in theatre, this is not a show to miss! Brava tutti!


    What an absurd review. I saw this show and it was fantastic; the only standing ovation I’ve seen so far this year and I’ve been to a dozen shows.


    I do not understand what this reviewer is talking about! This show was one of the best I’ve seen so far this fringe. The songs were well chosen, and skilfully performed. The cast is an incredibly talented group of respected Edmonton actors and they did not disappoint. The personal stories the actors told were touching, and the choreography blew me away. Yes there were some sound issues with the band being a little loud, but those can be overlooked with a shows this good. There is a reason this show recieved a standing ovation the night I was there!


    In a sentence:
    Silly, touching and passionate, Miscast is a musical mosaic of the human experience.
    As someone who reviews plays, I have a lot to compare this one to, and I thoroughly enjoyed Miscast’s minimalist set, as while as the wide range of voices from the cast: fluttery and sweet, soulful and powerful. Defying stereotypes through heartfelt and fiery songs, the cast of Miscast merged dance, rhythm, and emotion into one sweet and laughable one-act.


    What an absolutely ridiculous review, the show I saw was funny, touching, and unique. The monologues and song choices were excellent, and the vocal power on that stage blew me away! They certainly deserved the raucous applause and standing ovation they received. Go see this fabulous show!

    Judy Allan

    I enjoyed Miscast. It was funny, thought provoking with a cast of strong singers. Each cast member shared an experience and song. Great music and dance. An enjoyable show! It defiantly does not deserve this review, don’t let it scare you off from seeing the show!

    Aliette Mau

    Boy did the reviewer go completely off key on this one ?
    Is original , entertaining, informational, heart tuggjng, one of a kind piece! Bravo!!!


    I don’t always take the time to reply to reviews that I disagree with. However, in the case of Miscast, I need to comment on my experience as I think that it would be ashamed if anyone didn’t get a ticket based on this review.
    Miscast is a wonderful experience. I thoroughly enjoyed it – skillful, performances that addressed personal challenges in a thoughtful, sensitive and often heartwarmingly humourius manner. Not to be missed.

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