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One Man Star Wars



Have you yearned to see the original Star Wars trilogy condensed into one hour, frenetically performed by one guy without props or visual aids? Well, you're in luck! Charles Ross bravely brings us the ADD version of perhaps the most nostalgia-laden of any movie franchise, totally (Han) solo. He's got dozens of spot-on impressions, especially his perfect R2D2 and hilarious Imperial Walker scene. But, unless you're well versed in the films, this may feel like an indistinguishable wall of rapid-fire quotes, spaceship sounds and hummed movie score. Ross, though, does rewards the faithful with many winking asides on the sillier scenes. "If we've learned anything from Star Wars," he deadpans, "Is you should never kiss your sister like that." Worthy of a fan's time, but not quite a universal tour de force. Reviewed by Josh Marcellin.


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  • 8:00 pm - 2017/08/17
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