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Orson Welles’ Last Magic Show



As staples of “the business” go, there are few subjects more compelling and instantly recognizable as Orson Welles. That enviable beard. The ego. That voice. He was a physical and mental giant; a lauded master of all mediums before his ignominious decline spent schilling champagne and doing voiceovers in frozen pea commercials. Hitting his supposed peak at 25 with Citizen Kane, Welles led a charmed life as an actor, playwright, filmmaker and (yes) magician. His is a story that reads like a great tragedy—worlds of potential undone by hubris. In Orson Welles’ Last Magic Show, we meet the titular Welles on the precipice of death; recounting his storied experience in show business, reminiscing about his month-long magic show produced in 1943. It’s part magic show, part history lesson in a fairly entertaining little piece with some palatable writing. The real folly here is in Will Mitchell’s performance—at no point does he seem to capture the cocksure essence and charm of Orson Welles. Though his illusions are indeed impressive, at no point could anyone believe they were witnessing someone with the, for lack of a better term, magic of Orson Welles. Reviewed by Buchanan Hunter.




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