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Redheaded Stepchild



Redheaded Stepchild Bullying leaves its mark on the victim and Johnnie Walker addresses this reality in a tragically accurate way in his dramedy one-man show, Redheaded Stepchild. Main character Nicholas (played by Walker) takes us through the innate unfairness that comes along with being a person who sticks out and manages to avoid preachiness as he does so. Addressing the issue of bullying through multiple perspectives, Walker also showcases his range in Nicholas, his portrayal of ignorant but well-meaning step-mom Mary-Anne and hyper confident alter ego Rufus. The story does become painful at times, especially to anyone who’s ever been beaten down for being different, but ultimately holds onto a notion of self-acceptance and hope. Despite its charming presentation, this is still a story that’s been told before. For that fact, the show presents a familiar, if charmingly done, story. Reviewed by Tim Rauf.


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