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The Great Whorehouse Fire Of 1921



"The Great Whorehouse Fire of 1921" recounts the meandering friendship of two very different Albertan women.  Mrs. Hastings affectionately rocks the title of “whore manager,” while Mrs. Smith runs a chaste boarding house in town. Their chosen vocations place them in different social strata, but Hastings’ sharp wit draws the two closer through their shared experiences.  Though the set is sparse—only a few chairs and props compliment Smith’s skirt and white blouse, and Hastings’ red dress, black choker, and dog-topped cane—the two-woman production projects the scenery of 1920s small-town Canada around the stage effectively. Smith’s religiously prudish demurring jars splendidly with Hasting’s red light district business acumen. And while some references to other characters leave me longing to learn more about them than is presented, "The Great Whorehouse Fire of 1921" effectively conveys a complex period tale of trust and betrayal within an interpersonal relationship. —Kevin Pennyfeather


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