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The Helmet of Horror



The Helmet of Horror is a play centered around eight people who awake to find themselves trapped in a labyrinth with only a keyboard and screen to communicate with each other. Since everyone involved is very young, a lackluster play is more than excusable. That being said, this is not a good show. It’s adapted from the novel by Victor Pelevin, and has unfortunately kept his mangled language. It’s the kind of long winded and unbearably self-aggrandizing writing style that you’d find in the worst postmodern-academic circles. When adapted for stage and performed with minimal emotion, it becomes kind of tedious. It’s just incoherent enough in its adapted form for people who want to seem intelligent on a date, or on a night out with friends, to pretend they understand it. The twist, if that indeed is what the end of the play is intended to be, is clear within the first 10 minutes. It’s a shame that this work was adapted. The cast has some genuine talent despite what they had to perform. Jordyn Scharle as IsoldA and Cassie Hyman as UGLI666 are particularly promising, and it’ll be interesting to see how they perform with better material. Reviewed by Lucas Provencher.


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  • 6:15 pm - 2017/08/22
  • 7:30 pm - 2017/08/24
  • 7:30 pm - 2017/08/25
  • 6:45 pm - 2017/08/26
  • 1:15 pm - 2017/08/27

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