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The Sinner’s Club



A simple drunken house party soon turns into a hilarious accidental murder, combined with a demonic offering. Patty Swan is hosting a party and has just been told by a half-baked police officer that her "kind of" boyfriend has just died in a motorcycle accident. Party guests, each with their own comedic intricacies start arriving and make light of the boyfriend death. An unexpected guest, who looks like The Addams Family's Morticia, has an affinity for satanic rituals and H.P. Lovecraft and takes the comedic situation on laughable gory hell ride. The comedy within the play stems from vulgar bits about miscommunication and the depravity of every day common sinners. Each person's deepest darkest desires come out while people start dropping like flies. All the audience can do is watch, laugh, a be part of the demented fun. I should also add that two of the characters in The Sinner's Club star in Oleanna, a non-comedic power play that should also not be missed. Reviewed by Stephan Boissonneault.


Gig City


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3.5/ 5

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Dates / Times:
  • 8:15 pm - 2017/08/19
  • 2:00 pm - 2017/08/20
  • 5:45 pm - 2017/08/21
  • 11:59 pm - 2017/08/22
  • 4:30 pm - 2017/08/25
  • 12:00 pm - 2017/08/26

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2 Reviews

    Cody Baron

    A thoroughly terrific and extremely entertaining work hilarious wackiness, unexpected craziness and shocking insanity that will have you laughing out loud in the perfect blend of satisfyingly baffled and ridiculously clever amazement. It is an unpredictably original joy to watch from start to finish and is totally satisfying in the most weirdly unexpected ways which makes it all the rewardingly entertaining. Writer/directors Dylan Rosychuk and Jeffory Kuzzak Punyi wonderfully construct this gleefully fun production of madness with a huge amount of clever originality, engaging hilarity and bold creativity which makes for a dynamite work of entertainment you have certainly never seen before. Plus all of the performances in the show are undeniably fantastic and bring a hugely infectious level of constantly silly energy to every scene that is a majorly fun pleasure to experience. As you have Katelyn Trieu, Chris Nadeau, Cristina Filomena, Eric Smith, Sarah Anderson, Jeff Punyi, Kieran Murphy, Lauren Boyd and Dylan Rosychuk all demonstrating just how extremely talented they are by completely committing to every bizarre moment no matter how ludicrous, insane, creepy or goo covered things become. This show is without a doubt a must see!

    Colin Woodley

    This is the best show I have seen at the fringe so far this year along with Multiple Organism. 10/10

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