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The Tenant Haimovitz



Daniel Haimovitz is a poet who has just signed a lease for a dingy old apartment. A strange group of “roommates” soon appear, and they become the shape of his journey as he sets out to retrieve his stolen notebook. The stage is coated in shredded newspaper, and each scene is thoughtful, clever and visually stimulating. A crowd favourite involved a large band of red tape that twisted around each character as Haimovitz negotiated his way through his identity and the politics of life. While some of the later scenes ran a bit long, the show is an incredibly effective exercise in absurdism, and draws from a seemingly inexhaustible pool of creativity. These are among the most fascinating and exciting characters you’ll meet at the Fringe this year. —Saliha Chattoo


Gig City


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Dates / Times:
  • 2:15 pm - 2013/08/16
  • 10:30 pm - 2013/08/17
  • 6:15 pm - 2013/08/18
  • 4:15 pm - 2013/08/19
  • 8:30 pm - 2013/08/20
  • 12:15 pm - 2013/08/23
  • 6:15 pm - 2013/08/24

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4 Reviews


    “The Tenant Haimovitz” was great, I particularly enjoyed the swim scene. Putting it in the Satire genre seems a little off, closer to dance comedy.

    Nathalie Dugo

    I LOVED this show from the get-go! I really just wanted to go play in their set and join the cast in their shenanigans. The acting was wonderful (and I honestly had no idea they were missing one cast member until I found out after the show!!! It was THAT flawless!)

    The singing, dancing, acting, staging, quirkiness and everything definitely made this show a highlight of the Fringe Festival for me thus far. Very original and very well done!


    Hilarious. This show is clever and keeps you sitting on the edge of your seat wondering what fantastic vision will appear before you next. A must-see for any lovers of the absurd.

    Jeongmin Kim

    Like a weird dream, this strange little piece is really fun to watch. I particularly liked the music, and the expelling of the dybbuk. A note: I understood more about what a dybbuk is after seeing this than I did after seeing “The Dybbuk.”

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