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TK421 Is Dead



This bizarre oddity is best appreciated if you’re an ardent Star Wars fan. Clad in navy jumpsuits with nothing but a crate, potted plant, and toaster for props, TK-421’s duo performers embark on a seemingly abstract sci-fi art piece. The obscurity of this setup gives a curious vibe of Samuel Beckett meets H.P. Lovecraft, with its sparsity of dialogue and inclusion of one strange alien life form. As the story unfolds with increased smatterings of science fiction references, it becomes clear that the striking similarities to the plot of Star Wars cannot be a coincidence. Mentions of little boys winning spaceship speed-races, and planets of ice and desert lay down the hints that we are in some way, in the Star Wars universe. The protagonist’s profession as garbage attendant—with few friends but a goose-necked, one-eyed alien for company—brings the most compelling evidence that we are, in fact, on the Death Star, awaiting Luke, Han, and Leia’s descent into the trash compactor. It’s a brilliant look into the bleak life of the more overlooked background characters in the franchise. It’s made all the more clever by the lack of immediately identifiable Storm-Trooper uniforms, or any direct name-dropping of anything within the series itself until the very end. Anyone living under a rock the past 40 years unfamiliar with the space opera we all know and love may find this one hard to swallow, but die-hard Star Wars fanatics will be delighted with this stripped down, abstract take on the beloved classic. Reviewed by Sophie Pinkoski.


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