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We’ll Meet Again: Vera Lynn, the Forces’ Sweetheart



I saw this show only hours after I saw Melanie Gall’s other musical show, “Piaf and Brel: The Impossible Concert.” Gall repeats the format of her Edith Piaf and Jacques Brel inspired show, bringing the same vivacity to her renditions of Vera Lynn, the English singer known for entertaining the troops during WW2. Describing the show as “the ultimate fan letter,” Gall takes us through a selection of songs made famous by Lynn, interspersed with stories of her life and wartime travels. It was chock full of classic songs I had never heard of, but the sold-out, mostly older audience I attended with seemed to recognize every one. Whether or not you’re familiar with the material, you’ll be delighted by Gall’s endless enthusiasm and her dulcet tones.  —Connor Meeker




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Dates / Times:
  • 4:30 pm - 2018/08/19
  • 2:30 pm - 2018/08/20
  • 12:30 pm - 2018/08/22
  • 8:45 pm - 2018/08/23
  • 11:00 pm - 2018/08/24
  • 6:00 pm - 2018/08/26

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