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On The Street

Backstage at the Fringe

Ten minutes to show time, one of Michael Johnson’s cast came to him in a panic asking where a key prop was. Without it the show would be sunk. Fortunately, the young stage manager keeps detailed notes, and was able to locate th...
On The Street

Community of the Fringe

There’s more to the Fringe than meets the eye, as many an unwitting visitor has discovered. “One of the best things we’ve heard is, ‘there’s theatre at this beer tent festival?’” jokes Jill Roszel, executive director for the Fr...

On The Street

Free for all

How do you decide which play to see at the Fringe? Word of mouth? Ratings and reviews? (At least partially the latter, we hope.) Stylish posters? Titillating titles? That handsome guy who gave you the handbill? With over 200 pl...