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The Answers to Fringe Questions (or, Definitely Not A Q&A)

A lot can be learned from starting a few conversations and keeping your ears tuned around the Fringe, for instance:

  • Never say no to free tickets.
  • Edinburgh’s Fringe doesn’t compare to Edmonton’s.
photo 1

Joe Foster, who is “getting to be known as a bit of a Fringe fanatic,” extolls the virtues of Edmonton over Edinburgh. Pictured here with his wife, Liz.

  • Should the doughy, meaty, deep-fried diet get to be too much, try the fruit stall over by the Strathcona Library stroll. (courtesy of the ever-savvy social media maven @britl.)
  • The box office is on the northwest corner of the ATB Financial Arts Barns.
  • ATB Financial is the current sponsor of the Arts Barns (and not the company I named in my post yesterday.)
  • Mr. Fish’s unicycle does indeed fit inside a standard shipping container.
photo 1-1

This picture spokes for itself.

  • Unicycling is NOT as easy as it looks.
  • In case you should try unicycling, the first aid station is also in the northwest corner of the Arts Barns, currently sponsored by ATB Financial.
photo 3-1

Friendly first aid volunteers with some wise and colourful advice for a hot day.

I could go on, and probably will, but that’s enough for now. The point is, if there’s something you need to know at the Fringe, information is abundant and all you have to do is ask. Some friendly person close by will know the answer, almost guaranteed (smart as you are, you know better than to completely trust a guarantee at the Fringe, where things are often not as they seem.)

Asking questions has other benefits, too! Like, meeting new and interesting people. Whether it helps climb the social ladder or not, it’s worth a try. Just ask me; I’ll give you an answer, guaranteed.


Everybody loves Mary, @floatwithyou... but how does she do that? I just have to ask.

Everybody loves Mary, @floatwithyou… but how does she do that? I just have to ask.


The guy in the blue shirt is a very social climber.