Posted 2014/08/19 by jeremy in On The Street

The Fringed and Confused Disco Dance-off

Step right up , folks, it’s the moment you didn’t know you’ve been waiting for! You’ve seen the actors with handbills, you’ve seen the Free for Fall, you’ve seen the street performers. Maybe you’ve even seen the plays.

But what would a 70s-style Fringe be without a disco dance-off? Confused? Fringed? Relax, man. A series of memorable dance routines inspired this simple mash-up of performances from the Sunday afternoon Free For Fall (with one special guest). While the Free For All performances are done, you can still catch these plays, and many more.

Featuring Free For All performances by cast members from:

This is the Kind of Animal I am

The Wild

Grey Matter(s)

Something Raunchy

And special guest:

Murder Mime the Musical



“Aurea Carmina” Kevin McLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: by Attribution 3.0